Restaurant Trattoria Pomo Doro

Restaurant Trattoria Pomo Doro

1051 Budapest,
Arany János utca 9.

The story of PomoD'oro

It is not a coincidence that we quote a culinary expert at the beginning of our menu card, since his remark from 1839 is true, the Italian cuisine's major component is indeed tomato. "Not only have generations of Naepolitanians been made happy by the brilliant idea of adding tomatoes to noodles and pizza, but everyone else who appreciates and loves Italian cuisine."

This is exactly the reason why we chose the name Pomo D'Oro, which in this form means 'golden apple', however, written in one word its meaning changes to ‘tomato'.

Originality is a key factor and we put great emphasise on it, this is why our head chef, Rosario, prepares a lot of dishes from his own collection of recipes apart from the traditional Italian meals. The dishes prepared in the guest area are very infamous, not only because they amaze the guests by their spectacular sight, but once someone tastes them, they will surely remember their wonderful taste for a long time.

Our regulars already know that every single day, we await them with different dishes, since our menu always offers a bit of surprise and intriguing ideas, be it rare varieties of mushroom, fresh fish-specialities, or seasonal vegetables.

Naturally, we don't forget about the refreshment of our wine-card, either, keeping thirty different kinds of wines open from our variety of over a hundred different types of wine, thereby providing wine lovers the convenience to comfortably try more kinds of wine.

Our pizza chef, Mauricio bakes the thin crust pizzas in a wood-burning oven, this is how all the different tastes of the Italian cuisine are made complete.

The amazing standards our restaurant represents can best be proved by the fact that we were the first to receive the plaque of patronage from the Italian Chef Association.

The background music switches to live performances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Be our guest, and join exciting and adventurous trip through all the different tastes of Italian cuisine!

We are looking forward to see you in our restaurant.

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