Open-air summer parties by Cinetrip

Hírszerkesztő , 9 July 2010 0:03

The world-famous visual spa-party moves outdoors! Open-air electro music show on land and water with a profusion of futuristic visuals on 16th July and 6th August!

Imagine yourself eased back in a smoothly rolling thermal pool, enveloped by state-of-the-art 360º 3D cinematic visual map ping the likes of which you've never seen before, and you get to wear special glasses to enjoy it! Fire jugglers all around you, airborne acrobats and the infinite starry sky above your head - and all of a sudden Zeus emerges from the darkness with his mighty thunder generator...

The party pilgrimage continues! Cinetrip fans from all over the world convene to be part this summer's exclusive open-air party experience! You will be treated to an aquatic and visual electro show affecting all your senses, the likes of which have never been seen at parties in Europe!
The open-air thermal pools of just the right temperature serve as both auditorium for the visual show and dance floor for the party. Returning to the traditions of the very first Cinetrip parties, the program will now include world-famous DJ s, and live acts, while, of course, the Hungarian major league will also be present in the circus line-up.

The innovative breakthrough of the Cinetrip vision will boost the Hungarian party culture. Let us introduce the elements that will define the visual spectacles of the future.


We are the first in the world to present a full panorama mapping composed to conform inch by inch to the building's architecture at the Széchenyi Bath. The cinematic scenery designed exclusively for this event, enveloping the entire inside surface of the building, employs state-of-the-art technology to take us on a visual journey in an everchanging, inspiring party space that comes alive.


Another extraordinary visual treat of the night will be the first ever 3D architectural video mapping. Donning the glasses handed out to them, the guests will experience the projected scenery in 3D. The walls will dance with us, and we can have an underwater experience on the poolside as well, owing to the special 3D animations.

Tesla Coil Show

High voltage! Nikola Tesla's spirit now returns in the City Park! With the high voltage coils of the famous inventor, our performers tame lightings of as much as 1.000.000 volts, which our guests can behold from a safe distance. This stunning spectacle, a rarity even in Europe, is now presented for the first time (!) in Hungary.

Jugglers and acrobats

Thirty jugglers and acrobats in water and on land! Acrobats, fire jugglersand water ballet in every corner of the Széchenyi Bath. The highlight of the evening will be when Zeus, god of thunder, descends into the Bath to give a thunderbolt demonstration to his mortal admirers, followed by a Grand Finale!

The venue

- in Budapest's central park, easy access
- open air
- capacity: 2500 people
- Budapest and Europe's biggest bath complex
- T hermal and adventure bath in one
- 3 outdoor, 12 indoor pools
- N eo-Baroque architecture (loggia, richly ornamented interior,
baroque sculptures)
- Modernized and renovated to keep its original character

Advance tickets:
Ticket Express network (limited number) 6000 HUF /
Budapest, 5th District, Szabadság Square, Hütte Café: 6000 HUF
Cinetrip webshop: 7000 HUF -
The price includes the 3500 HUF bath entrance fee!

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