Winter invitation for the fourth time

Hírszerkesztő , 1 November 2009 23:46

From 15 November till the end of March 2010, the hotels of Budapest, the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Malév, Budapest Airport and partner suppliers are re-launching the Budapest Winter Invitation campaign aimed at boosting low-season traffic in the Hungarian capital.

Hotels offer 3 nights for the price of 2 or 4 for the price of 3 and Malév complements the package with its "Crazy Offers" - air tickets starting at 99 euros. The organisers expect the campaign to generate 50,000 additional guest nights; service suppliers are still welcome to join.

BWI targets destinations with good air connections (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands, Scandinavia) and the neighbouring countries (Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic).

The campaign focuses on online tools and is receiving significant help from Expedia, which has put up 320,000 euros in support for the BWI plus a special sub-site dedicated to the offers of participating hotels.

Organisers of the BWI are encouraging as many hotels in Budapest as possible to participate in the campaign, noting that it has been successful in the past 3 years and the destination can only be promoted by service providers joining forces.

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